Our Story

Everybody loves ice cream! The Padrnos family has always been an ice cream CRAZY family. The six of us can’t have it often enough. The only thing better than hard scoop ice cream in a bowl is hard scoop ice cream in a cone! But in our time here in Granger, there’d never been a convenient, “go-to” place for us to take the family to get a sugary, creamy, old-fashioned, hand-dip ice cream cone. After years of repeatedly saying “We should just open one ourselves.”; It wasn’t until our kids finally said “Stop dreaming about it and either do it; or drop it already!” How does the scripture go…“and a child shall lead them.”? So, we accepted our boys’ challenge (or dare) and have opened PaddyShack Ice Cream here in Granger. We wanted to create a fun place for the Michiana community to be able to go enjoy a really, good ice cream cone. That was important to us — serving Super Premium ice cream to our guests. The brand of ice cream we’ve chosen to serve is Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream out of Madison, Wisconsin; a high-end dairy that produces Super Premium Ice Creams that have won numerous awards. We hope that our PaddyShack Ice Cream shop will become your “go-to” place to grab a scoop, sit back, enjoy and make memories with family and friends. We look forward to meeting you!